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If the Shoe Fits: The Four Pairs Every Escort Should Own

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brunette, erotic, blonde or tantric escort in Denbighshire: the right pair of shoes can really do a lot to improve your look and confidence when meeting clients. But if you think that sky-high heels are the only pair you’ll need as a Denbighshire escort, here are four pairs you should invest on:


Stilettos are sexy, but let’s face it: they can be extremely painful when worn for a long time. While you will need to wear sky-high heels in some formal events as an escort Denbighshire, you also have the option to wear platforms, which still give you the height that you need without making your toes hurt. Platform shoes also give you more balance and control, so you can dance the night away at a bar with your client without suffering from the foot pain after.


For more casual occasions like a date night during the summer or a stroll somewhere in Italy as a travel escort Denbighshire, you will need a good pair of espadrilles to complete your outfit. Espadrilles have two long laces that you can wrap around your calf or ankle to make your legs look a lot sexier. They can be worn with a cocktail dress, a pair of shorts or even jeans, which make them a staple for any world class escort UK during the summer.


A lot of men agree that a pair of peep-toe sandals with red polished nails can make any Denbighshire escort look sexier than she already is. High-heeled sandals show off just a little hint of skin and are more comfortable than stilettos by a mile.

Heeled Sneakers

Of course, you can’t be an escort Denbighshire and not have a pair of heeled sneakers in your wardrobe. If you’re going out with a client during the day touring around Denbighshire or going on some adventure where you can’t wear sandals, platforms or heels, heeled sneakers are the way to go.  Invest in these four pairs aside from your trusty stilettos and you’ll surely find yourself looking and feeling a lot sexier as you become one of the most stunning escorts in UK.

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