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The Gentleman’s Rule Book: What to Never Ask Your Escort

It’s not hard to find UK escorts nowadays, even in counties like Bridgend. Whether you’re looking to hire a Brazilian, Asian or African escort, there’s always something for you in one of the top agencies in town. But booking a world class escort UK also means that you have to treat her right during your appointment and it starts with never asking her these questions:

What Is Your Real Name?

As part of their safety precaution Bridgend escorts use screen names at work. This helps them protect their real identity from stalkers and it keeps their work life separate from their personal life. These incall escorts also respect your right to privacy by never requiring you to give your full name, so make sure that you do the same.

Can I Have Your Address?

Unless your escort Bridgend voluntarily gives you her address, never force her to provide you with such important personal information. Incall escorts usually book a hotel on Bridgend or rent an apartment where they accept appointments with clients. So unless she invites you over, never step beyond that professional line of keeping transactions purely business.

Can You Name Your Other Clients?

There are a lot of things that you can talk about during your appointment with a Bridgend escort, so stay away from topics that lead to personal details. Escorts in UK agree to protecting their client’s privacy at all times. They will never reveal the names of the men they’ve been with, especially if they’re high profile clients. If you want to enjoy the same protection, never ask your escort Bridgend to reveal the names of her other clients.

Will You Do What I Want If I Pay Extra?

When you book a Bridgend escort, you’re paying for a premium rate for companionship and nothing more than that. You can take her out on a dinner date, be your companion at events or just go around Bridgend together as your guide. Remember that escorts Bridgend are not prostitutes, so you can’t force them to be intimate with you or do things that are not in your booking agreement. It’s always in your Bridgend escort’s discretion if she will do more for extra money or not. But you should never force her or she has the right to walk away from the appointment any time.

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