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4 Tips to Looking Sexy During the Cooler Months

As a Conwy escort, it’s easy to get dressed and look sexy during the hot, summer months. But when the weather starts to get cold, you instantly find yourself staring at a closet full of sexy dresses and thinking how you’d survive the cold while still looking hot for your client. Here are four tips to get you through that fashion conundrum:

Stock Up On Tights.

Say goodbye to those thigh-high boots that you’ve been wearing for many years as a Conwy escort. Aside from being uncomfortable and hard to remove, those boots don’t really protect you from the cold. Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, tights should be your best friend during the winter months when you have to meet clients. Start with the sultry fishnets during the fall and work your way to tights as the weather gets colder. This way, you can still wear all the sexy dresses, shorts and skirts you love without freezing.

Cosy Up In A Fitted Sweater.

Of course, a sweater is a staple during the winter. But if you’re a busty escort, for instance, it’s hard to flaunt your asset while you’re wearing a baggy sweater. The solution: a fitted cashmere sweater that will instantly make you look like a winter goddess in no time. You could be Asian, Indian or Brazilian, but you’ll look just as sexy and warm in a fitted sweater.

Get Into The Leotards Ball Game.

Leotards are the best tops during the winter for any Conwy escort because it accentuates your curves while keeping you extra warm. Leotards can also be paired with just about anything—skirts, pants and shorts—the options are definitely endless. From the basic black and nude leotards, you can experiment with animal prints, polka dots and any other prints that suit your skin colour best.

Bring Out That Leather Jacket.

Finally, if you’re going to a more formal event like maybe a date at a restaurant or a corporate event, you can forego the sweater and blazer for a leather jacket that will look good with a gown or cocktail dress while keeping you warm. A lot of escorts Conwy have a good leather jacket in their wardrobe for times when they need to look formal and sexy at the same time.  Are you ready to update your wardrobe and start looking extra chic as a Conwy escort during the cold winter months?

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