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When Exactly Do You Say No to a Client? A Guide for Escorts

The historic county of Fife is one of the most beautiful locations in Scotland. From its medieval-style buildings to its beautiful harbour, it’s not hard to see why a lot of tourists come to visit Fife. But more than its picturesque views, Fife is also home to some of the top escorts anywhere in the country. So if you’re an escort Fife, you should be expecting a lot of bookings on a regular basis. But before you take advantage of the demand, you should also know when to say no to a client:

If A Client Doesn’t Stick To Your Sgreement.

Before you accept any booking, you’ll have to talk with a potential client in Fife about the terms of your service. You have to be specific about what you’ll be doing during the appointment and the client has to respect your agreement. If at any point during your time together the client breaks any of these rules, you have the right to cancel the appointment and walk away. 

If A Client Is Too Nosy About Your Personal Life.

All Fife escorts follow the rules of discretion and privacy in dealing with clients, so they should also do the same. While it’s okay to strike up some light conversation with a client where he can ask you about things that you like or maybe your favourite places in Fife, you have the right to keep your personal information private.  If a client is too nosy about your personal life, just say no to the appointment.

If A Client Becomes Too Aggressive.

Most men who book Fife escorts know how to treat their escorts right. But there are a few who think that because they book a Fife escort for her services, they can let her do whatever they want. Aggressive and rude clients are not worth your money or time, so if you notice the first signs of this behaviour, cancel the appointment right away. At the end of the day, you have to know that it’s okay to say no to a client. As a Fife escort, you deserve to be treated with respect because you’re a professional. 

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