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The Three Things Every Newbie Escort Should Know About the Job

When you decided to be an escort in the Highlands, you knew that you were going to be in for an adventure. But before you start accepting clients and living the life of a full-fledged Highlands escort, here are three important things that you should know first:

Being An Escort Comes With Different Risks. 

Like any other job in the Highlands, being an escort comes with its own share of risks. Whenever you meet up with a client, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable situation where he can do a lot of things to inflict harm on you. But all Highlands escorts know the importance of safety in their job, which is why they set a few rules that every other escort in the Highlands must follow. For one, all clients should be screened carefully before you say yes to the appointment. You should also take all the necessary precautions during your meet up like keeping yourself sober and bringing only the essentials so you can protect yourself from these risks.

Being An Escort Means Experiencing Good And Bad Days.

No matter how high the demand for Highlands escorts are, you can’t always guarantee the same amount of bookings every day. At some point, you’ll go through slow and busy days, and you have to make the most of it every time. On busy days, make sure to organise your schedule properly so you don’t have to run from one appointment to the other making yourself exhausted—and inefficient—in the process. On slow days, make sure to use this time to give yourself time to rest and recover from your hectic schedule. Do the things that you love and spend more time at home with your loved ones. 

Being An Escort Comes With Judgment.

Escorting is widely accepted around the world, but some people still misunderstand the concept of being a Highlands escort. There are people who will compare you with a prostitute, which is far from being true, but you shouldn’t be affected by the scrutiny. In fact, you should use this as motivation to do well in your job as an escort Highlands.

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