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4 Tips Every Escort Should Know to Stay Out of Legal Trouble

Escorting is a great career. With the increasing demand for companionship these days, it’s so easy to build a bright future as an escort, especially in places like County Antrim where many clients book the service regularly. But like any other parts of the United Kingdom, there are certain rules that you have to follow to avoid legal trouble as a County Antrim escort. 

1. Be Specific With Your Job Description.

Whether you’re promoting through an agency or your own website, it’s very important to write a brief description of the services that you’ll offer as an escort County Antrim. You should also specify the premises of your service, whether it only involves companionship or you also accept modeling gigs. You should outline the things that are outside of your services like being intimate with clients or doing special sexual requests. This will help build your image as a County Antrim escort and not a prostitute.

2. Be Firm With Rates.

As an escort County Antrim, you’re only getting paid for your companionship services. Depending on the amount of time that you’ll be spending with a client, you have to set rates and follow them religiously. Any service done outside of your scope will have an additional fee. It’s also very important to outline your preferred mode of payment. Most escorts County Antrim only accept cash payments that will be collected upon meeting the client.

3. Learn About Your Local Laws.

To make sure that you’re not violating anything while working as a County Antrim escort, make sure that you learn about local laws first. The more knowledge you have about the dos and don’ts of being an escort County Antrim, you’ll have a better chance at staying out of legal trouble.

4. Never Initiate The Service.

Finally, you have to remember that the thing that separates County Antrim escorts from prostitutes is that they never initiate the service to clients. Always make the client request for your service and everything else that’s within your agreement. While it’s okay to promote your services online, never offer the directly to one client or you’ll be breaking the laws against prostitution. 

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