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An Escort’s Guide to Dealing With Aggressive Clients

There’s nothing quite like working as a Derry escort. With the second largest city in Northern Ireland thriving now more than ever, the demand for Derry escorts has also increased significantly. But with all the benefits of being an escort also comes with challenges, one of which is dealing with aggressive clients. Although most clients in Derry who book escorts are professionals, there are still some who can be rude and aggressive. Here are some tips to deal with them effectively: Never drink too much. A lot of clients start to be aggressive when they get intoxicated. And with the many bars around Derry, you really can’t help but get some drinks with the client during your appointment. But if you want to handle any situation effectively, you need to be as sober as possible. Keep your drinks to a minimum so you can make the right decisions when the client starts to be aggressive. 

Keep yourself calm. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with an angry or aggressive client in Derry, make sure to keep calm at all times. As a Derry escort, you have to try to pacify your client and convince him to talk about the issue rather than throw an angry fit. If the situation gets worse, leave the appointment immediately. Never drive yourself. While Derry is generally safe, there are still a lot of dangers out there for Derry escorts, especially when doing outcalls. Even if you screen your clients beforehand, some can still end up being aggressive, rude and dangerous. So whenever you go on outcalls, always get a driver to escort you. This way, you’ll have someone to wait for you and come to your aid whenever you’re caught in a bad situation with an aggressive client. It’s also easier to have a driver take you to and from an appointment so you can relax and focus on your job. Aggressive clients will always come at some point during your time as an escort Derry. But you can always deal with them effectively and still maintain the same level of professionalism as a Derry escort..

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