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Exploring Schiphol With An Escort On A Long Layover

Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is one of the busiest in Europe where a lot of short and long haul flights take off and touch down every day. It is also where a lot of travellers spend long layovers before boarding the next leg of their flight. If you’re staying in Schiphol for a few hours as part of a long layover, there’s more to just staying in the lounge to spend your time here. Schiphol is essentially Amsterdam in a capsule, so you can definitely make your experience more pleasurable with these ideas:

  • Book a world class escort Amsterdam.

Travelling alone can be boring, but you can always find Amsterdam escorts to keep you company during your long layover. Whether you prefer a blonde escort, busty escort or black escort, you’ll surely find the world class escort Amsterdam that you’re looking for in one of the agencies around the city and near Schiphol.

  • Take a tour of the airport.

It might not sound like a good idea, but you’ll surely thank yourself for taking a tour of the Schiphol airport with your independent escort while on a long layover. There’s a one-hour bust tour called Schiphol Behind the Scenes that allows you to see the action on the different parts of the airport including the fire station, aircraft hangars and other off limit areas. 

  • Explore the city.

If you have at least four hours of layover in Schiphol, then might as well make the most of it by going out and exploring the sights of Amsterdam with your Amsterdam escort. Schiphol has a train that drops off and picks up directly under the terminal every 10-15 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight. You can let your cheap escort tour you around some of the best spots in the city including the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum. There’s definitely so much to see and explore in and around Schiphol. So if you’re already planning on what to do during your long layover in the city, make sure to book your world class Amsterdam escort, buy the necessary tickets and just have a great time.