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3 Underwear Rules You Didn’t Know You Needed as an Escort

You’ve been an escort in Northumberland for some time now and you already know how important it is to impress your client every chance you get. But while a lot of Northumberland escorts focus on choosing what dress, shoes and accessories to wear, you should start by learning these three underwear rules you didn’t know you needed as a Northumberland escort:

•    It’s Okay To Wear Cotton Panties. 

It’s a common misconception for escorts Northumberland that they should always wear a thong or even nothing at all when meeting up with clients. But if you want to be comfortable during an appointment, you can always wear cotton panties because they’re not only easy down there but they’re also great for keeping you healthy. Cotton absorbs moisture effectively to protect you from yeast infections and it also gives your vagina the chance to breathe.

•    Change Your Panties Every Day.

No matter how busy you get accepting appointments around Northumberland, never forget to change your underwear daily. Most escorts even bring a pair or two in their bags so they can change when they sweat a lot or have plenty of discharges. Experts usually advise against wearing panty liners since they can easily destroy your vagina through chafing and irritation.

•    Invest In Good Underwear.

As a Northumberland escort, you’ll be dealing with different clients on a daily basis and sometimes, that could involve getting intimate with them. This is why it’s very important to invest in good underwear that will not only make you look good but also help you feel good about yourself. Make sure that you have several types of underwear in your wardrobe so you’ll have something to wear depending on your outfit of choice. You can’t allow any wardrobe malfunction to ruin an appointment. At the end of the day, you can sleep without underwear to give your vagina time to breathe and rest. A lot of Northumberland escorts usually sleep without panties every once in a while because it keeps them safe from infections.  Are you ready to improve your underwear game with these tips?

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