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Exploring Banjul with an Escort: How to Act Right

So you’ve heard about the beautiful escorts in Banjul and of course, you don’t want to miss the chance to be with one of them. The Gambia’s capital city has long been home to some of the best Banjul escorts ranging from the classic blonde bombshell to the more exotic tantric escort. Now if you’ve already booked an escort Banjul for your trip, it’s best to read these tips to know exactly how you should act right when you’re with her:

  • Groom yourself. Think about it: you’re spending time with a world class escort Banjul so you should put your best foot forward. Take a shower, wear the best clothes and spray on your favourite perfume.

You need to make a good first impression with your Banjul escort because who knows, you might want to book her again on your next trip.

  • Book ahead. Although your escort Banjul knows the city more than you, it’s important to make reservations ahead so you don’t have to end up eating somewhere bad just because you don’t have a table at one of the best restaurants in town.

If you’re staying in a hotel, make sure that you’re booking a good suite to impress her.

  • Be on time. Any world class escort Banjul would be turned off by a client who shows up an hour late. Yes, you are paying for her time, but you don’t own her day.

So if your escort Banjul leaves early because you arrived late, you should respect that or offer to pay more if you’d like her to stay longer.

  • Don’t be rude. Payments are never discussed during dates and you should never negotiate with escorts in Banjul during your appointment. Treat her like a real date and she’ll return the favour with an amazing performance, whether it’s a tantric massage or simple companionship.

A holiday in Banjul will never be complete without spending time with one of its escorts in Banjul. Keep these tips in mind and make sure that you give her a generous tip so you can be her favourite client.