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Do You Want to Be a Lagos Escort’s Favourite Client? Here’s How

Lagos escorts are known to be the best in the business in Nigeria. So if you get to book a world class escort Lagos for your trip, you have to consider yourself lucky that you get to experience the companionship of a Lagos escort. You shouldn’t miss this chance to become an escort Lagos’ favourite client by following these tips:

Establish rapport on your first contact.

When booking a Lagos escort, you have to call her before your appointment so you could get to know each other and agree on your date. This gives you the chance to ask your escort Lagos about what she wants and prefers, and it’s also an opportunity to establish rapport with her even before you meet in person.

Be on time.

If you agree on a time to meet in a restaurant or event, you can guarantee that your world class escort Lagos will be there on time. You have to do the same, especially if you’re meeting with an outcall escort to keep her from waiting. If you can’t avoid being late for more than 10 minutes due to uncontrollable circumstances, you need to call your Lagos escort ahead of time. You also need to respect your escort Lagos’ time and not stop her if she needs to leave after your appointment is done. If you want her to stay longer, be prepared to pay more for the extension.

Give her a gift.

Although it’s not a requirement for clients to give gifts to their escorts in Lagos, it would still mean so much to your Lagos escort if you give her a gift to make her feel welcome and comfortable during your date. It could be a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or a piece of jewellery if you’re feeling a little extravagant, she will surely appreciate the gesture.

Of course, you have to be generous with your tip if you want your world class escort Lagos to remember you and even prioritise you when you book her services again.