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How To Be A Leiden Escort’s Favourite Client

Leiden has always been your go-to spot for booking escorts in Netherlands. You’ve tried booking blonde escorts, French escorts, black escorts, Asian escorts and even bisexual escorts. But there’s this one Leiden escort that you’d want to book again and again because you love her companionship. Here’s how to be her favourite client:

  • Take The Time To Research About Her.

Leiden escorts are not the same. In fact, each escort Leiden has a unique personality and offers different services from the others.  So if you want to get to know your Leiden escort more, you have to do some research about her through her profile, website, ads and social media accounts. You can also check out reviews in forums to see what other clients say about her.

  • Don’t Be Late.

If you want your Leiden escort to accept your booking again, you should always show up on time on your appointment. Escorts in Netherlands value their time because of how in-demand their services are. If you’re late to an appointment, that would affect her schedule and potentially lose her money, so make sure to show up on time. If there are changes to the time of your meetup, notify her ahead so she can also adjust her schedule. If you’re going to be late for more than 5 minutes, communicate with her and let her go on the agreed time that your appointment ends. If you choose to extend, expect to pay premium for those additional hours with your Leiden escort.

  • Pay Up Front.

All Leiden escorts follow the rule of taking up front payments, which means that you need to give the money at the beginning of the appointment. Never haggle for rates or discuss about money during your time with an independent escort. Also, you can leave the money near the bed or sink for her to get. Of course, you can’t forget about the tip at the end of the appointment. Like any other professional, Leiden escorts deserve to be treated right and respected for their work. So if you want to be her favourite client, make sure that you treat her properly all the time.