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How Can You Stay Safe While Working As An Escort?

Being an escort in the beautiful town of Aschaffenburg definitely has its own set of perks, but it’s also not uncommon for escorts in UK to be exposed to the dangers that come with the job of being an escort. So how exactly can you stay safe while working as a world class escort UK?

Never Reveal Your True Identity.

Even if you already built a relationship with a client, you should never disclose you true identity to protect your private life. Some clients have become so obsessed with their Aschaffenburg escorts that they start stalking them and even visiting their homes. You don’t want that to happen, so you have to keep your work and private life separate.

Always Screen Clients

You can’t just say yes to every booking to earn more money. Before you agree to an appointment, make sure that you screen potential clients first. Most escorts in UK accept only incalls for first-time appointments. But if you do accept an outcall for a travelling client, you need to verify his hotel first by asking for his hotel phone number. If he insists on just giving you his mobile number, never say yes to the appointment.

Hire A Car Service

All Aschaffenburg escorts know that it’s never ideal to let a client pick you up or take you back to your home. Instead, you can hire a car service that will wait for you, especially if you’re doing an outcall. This way, you’ll have someone who knows your location and could easily call for help in case you’re put in danger.

Be On The LookOut For Red Flags.

As a general rule, you have to be at your meeting place at least 10 minutes than your agreed time, so you can be familiar with the area and look for potential red flags. For instance, if there’s more than one car parked outside a house or if you hear that there’s more than one person in the hotel room, you still have time to walk away from the appointment.