24 Augsburg Escorts

The Four Best Things to Do With Your Escort in Augsburg

Being the third oldest city in Germany after Trier and Neuss, Augsburg is rich in culture, art and beautiful structures. So if you’re lucky enough to visit this city during your trip and you happened to book one of the stunning Augsburg escorts, here are four of the best things that you should do together while in the city:

Explore City Hall.

Perhaps no other structure in Augsburg represents the power and wealth of the city during the Renaissance than the City Hall. Built in the 1610s while Augsburg was at its prime, no expense was spared in building this structure, as evidenced by its well decorated indoor and outdoor façade.

Stroll Around Fuggerei.

Fuggerei is considered the oldest social housing project in the world that was started by Jakob Fugger in 1516. Since then, several houses were constructed including a church that made Fuggerei a town of its own. Today, eight streets still have houses with residents and the gates are locked every day at 10 in the evening. The residents also need to follow the same rules that were set by Fugger almost 500 years ago. Stroll around this picturesque little town in Augsburg with your world class escort UK to get a little glimpse of the town’s history.

See The Perlachturm.

One of the most iconic structures in all of Augsburg, the Parlachturm has been witness to the city’s 1,000-year old history as its watchtower. It has also gone through a lot of changes, the most significant of which was a redesign in 1610 to make the watchtower look like the City Hall. The 70-metre tower is open to visitors daily from Easter until November and it’s the perfect spot in Augsburg to spend a romantic moment with your Augsburg escort amidst the stunning views of the Alps.

Visit Mozarthaus.

The world’s fascination with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart extends to Augsburg where his father Leopold Mozart was born in 1710. Mozarthaus is now converted into a museum that showcases Leopold’s career as a leading music teacher with his “Violinschule” and his other pieces of music. He also taught the great composer and managed his career. You and your Augsburg escort will see handwritten letters, engravings, music sheets and even an original grand piano by Johann Andreas Stein in this museum.