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3 Misconceptions About Escorts and Why They’re Not True

Wherever you go in the United Kingdom, it’s easy to find escorts UK that you can book for companionship. In fact, escorting is legal business in Smethwick and other parts of the country, which is why the demand is quite high for Smethwick escorts these days. But being a world class escort UK still doesn’t save you from these common misconceptions from people who still don’t fully understand the industry that you’re in:

1. You Are A Prostitute.

There is a fine line between a Smethwick escort and a prostitute. A lot of people think that because you offer companionship mostly to male clients, you are already a prostitute. But not all men who find escorts UK are in it for sex. Most of these clients are really just looking for a date to take to a business event or someone to accompany them during their trip to Smethwick or other parts of the country. This is why it’s very important to be specific about your services in your profile to avoid being stereotyped as a prostitute. 

2. You Are A Gold Digger.

Since Smethwick escorts are seen wrongly as prostitutes, a lot of people also think that they’re gold diggers who are out to dry up their clients’ money. But if you are paid premium or tipped higher by a client, it’s because you also offer a higher level of service to him. Being a Smethwick escort means you are a true professional who will only accept bookings from a select number of clients, show up to meetings dressed properly and act accordingly, especially when you’re out with a client.

3. You Are Not Clean.

Finally, all escorts Smethwick follow proper hygiene rules whenever meeting with clients. This is especially true if you’re working with an agency that imposes strict rules for Smethwick escorts to maintain their credibility in the industry.Always take a shower and dress appropriately when meeting clients. Don’t forget to schedule appointments with your doctor and have yourself vaccinated to protect yourself against health conditions that could come with working as an escort Smethwick.

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