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Tips to Look Irresistibly Hot on Your Date with a Client

It has become a no-brainer for men who visit Venice to find Venice escorts who can offer them companionship, entertainment and even a little happy massage on the side. But as one of the many escorts in Venice, you also know that you’re up against some stiff competition. Therefore, it’s very important to make the right first impression to a client on your date. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Take the more natural route.

Whether you’re brunette, blonde, black or busty, try to stick to your natural features. While a lot of Venice escorts choose to use fake lashes, hair extensions and a lot of makeup, clients are actually impressed by escorts in Venice who look natural.

Choose the right colours.

Red is definitely a no-fail option when it comes to a date because studies suggest that it actually increases male attraction. Red also works with every skin tone, so it doesn’t matter if you’re Arab, Indian, African or Asian, you’ll surely look good on a beautiful red dress. If you choose to wear other colours, you can add pops of red on your lips, shoes or bag and you’ll be a real winner.

Go with breasts or back.

You don’t need to reveal a lot to be considered a beautiful escort Venice. If you have big breasts, show a little cleavage to highlight that feature. If you have a beautiful back, choose an outfit that puts the attention on your back. It’s all about highlighting the right parts of your body to look sexy without overdoing it. Finally, don’t forget to apply the right products to make your skin glow. Venice escorts have their own favourites when it comes to skincare products.

Aside from taking a long bath, you should also apply moisturiser and some lotion to make your skin soft, radiant and supple. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to apply your favourite perfume so you could feel good as you meet your date. Do you want to be a successful escort in Venice? Follow these tips.