5 Kathmandu Escorts

Kathmandu: The Best Spots to Visit with Your Escort

Kathmandu is known as the “city of temples” and it’s also one of the most breathtaking locations in the world because of its elevation. But more than its natural landscapes, Nepal’s capital city is also known to be the home of world class Kathmandu escorts offering everything from companionship to tantric massage. If you already booked a stunning escort Kathmandu for your trip, the next step is to plan an itinerary that include these best spots:


At the foot of Phulchowki hill is Godawari, a beautiful botanical garden that’s the perfect spot for a picnic with your world class escort Kathmandu. Godawari has a beautiful natural forest, a waterfall and other structures that show a glimpse of Kathmandu’s natural wonders and it makes for the right place to set a good first impression with your escort Kathmandu since this garden is important for locals.

Garden of Dreams

Located in Kaiser Mahal, the historical Garden of Dreams is another perfect spot for a romantic stroll with an independent escort. In fact, this is the most popular dating places for couples in Kathmandu and you can visit it all-year round for its beautiful ponds, flowers, swings and scenery.

Strolling in the Garden of Dreams gives you the opportunity to share a great conversation with your Kathmandu escort so she can feel more comfortable with you.

Manjushree park

If you want a little adventure with your escort in Kathmandu, you can’t miss exploring the longest cave in Nepal at the Manjushree Park, 1 kilometre southeast of Chovar hill. Exploring the Manjushree cave will also give you and your escort Kathmandu stunning views of the Taudaha Lake and Bishnumati River.


Located 15 kilometres northeast of Kathmandu is the famous hiking place for couples, Sundarijal. Here, you can explore rivers, waterfalls, dense forests and temples with your Kathmandu escort. Kathmandu will surely leave you in awe with its natural beauty and wonderful temples. But the experience becomes more memorable when you share it with a stunning Kathmandu escort to keep you company during your holiday.