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The Vientiane Escort’s Guide to Effective Marketing

As one of the hundreds of escorts in Vientiane, you’re under pressure to stay on top of your game. These days, it doesn’t matter if you’re the hottest blonde, the sexiest Brazilian or the most intriguing erotic escort. You have to learn these marketing tricks if you want to be a world class escort Vientiane:

•    Know what market to target. While a lot of men now visit Vientiane to find Vientiane escorts, most of your clientele will still be within the local market. So if you want to get more bookings and not waste your money on marketing, you have to target the right demographic.  

•    Be flexible with your adverts. If you want to be a successful Vientiane escort, you can’t just rely on forums and websites anymore. You also need to show a different side of you than just being an escort Vientiane. This means writing a blog and being active on social media. Although you should keep your personal life separate, your clients will also welcome the idea of seeing more than just an independent escort on a glamour photo.

•    Update your profile. Working with a reputable Vientiane escort agency is still your best bet to get more clients, but you also need to do your part.  

Make sure that you always update your profile, especially your photograph so clients won’t be disappointed by what they’ll see during an appointment. You should also be specific about your specialty. Are you just offering companionship? Or do you have special talents like a Nuru massage or tantric massage?

Finally, you have to project a sense of professionalism towards your clients. Remember that most men who find escorts Vientiane are looking for companionship yet they are not ready to be judged by family and friends.

So, you have to assure clients that their identities will be kept confidential and that you are only conducting business as a client and Vientiane escort, nothing more.

This way, your clients will build that sense of trust not only for your service but also for your professionalism. Who knows, they might refer you as one of the best escorts in Vientiane.